Amanda's And The Asshole - First Trip Together~

We depart from PJ around 8pm++ well, I don't really remember the time, but everyone was very exhausted from work, direct journey to Penang. The plan was, to stop by at Ipoh because that is where Wormy's girlfriend's hometown is. So, she's not gonna join us in Penang instead she's gonna stay with her family. We proceed to Penang after dropping her..

Ok, this is Amanda's first time to Penang, so of course she gets excited easily.  One more thing is.. It's my Honey's hometown.. So, gotta get to know more.. They say Penang food is the best and where all his bad ass buddies live.. That is what we're gonna venture about in Penang too.. So the journey goes on a boring trip...all the way.. bla bla bla...etc..~~

By the time we arrive, it was already 12pm++ (I don't remember the time as well..Just roughly.. haha!) The Asshole made a plan on meeting Max there, Yep.. We are gonna crash at Max's house.. Before we made our way to Max's house, well..of course..along the journey since we have started, you never read about me saying "we ate..bla bla bla.." even when we reach Ipoh (which there wasn't any story bout that reaching Ipoh because there is nothing to talk about anyway). hehe! So yea, we get something to eat first. Poor Max, though he's been waiting for so long.. but tummy comes first!!

First stop was, the mamak shop near Wormy's friend house. I ate fried chicken only, Why?? It's where you get the term 'Hungry till you lost your desire to eat'.. Not bad~  but The Asshole finish it for me. -_- Sleepy~ can't eat.. After eat, Wormy sent us to Max's house, went by Chung Ling.. hoho~ Their school... -_- Max, from what I know, he's pissed because we're late and we woke him up from his sleep.. but all the troubles, he woke up anyway.. haha!! Muahhh~~ Max...

So,..Sleep~~~ (Literally, what happen before that which is after we reach Max's house.. N/A)

I woke up in the morning with annoyance, been spank in the ass and that freaking noise he made to wake me up. Some how some what I have to wake up anyway.. So yea..woke up and the usual greet "Hi uncle, Hi auntie" Then Max's mum intro a life saving insurance which no doubt, I am interested in..but sadly not until The Asshole manages to stable up his income.. bla bla.. bath..etc.. and then lunch at Gurney Mall.. 600cc Cafe -_-

In the car.. Yea, It was raining~

The first day, all I can say wasn't that much of what I explore. Partially, it was just an intro to the malls around the area as well as the famous condo's. Gurney is a rich place, for those who love luxury by the beach side. By this view, Penang is not all about fishing village, this you people gotta understand. It's not as bad as what some people would say, besides the food. It can be a perfect tourist attraction for a small island and you can have all the lives you want here; luxury,city, beach side, hill side, fishing, history.. etc.

Classy Statues
I'd love to have these in my future home.. If it still exist by the time.. such attractive and classy statues for home decorations.

Thanks Hun~ At least this memory last forever~
It's also the Site of Kitties relaxing.. -_-
Batman & Robin Unplugged~

That's the end of it.. After this, we went to Perangi Mall, wasn't much to say about though.. Just through out the day, it's the same feeling as home in Kota Kinabalu. Just, probably here is more luxurious. The people, the life, the things... were made to make you have the feeling of home~ Gosh, My legs hurts though.. The thing that's different is, I have this feeling that people are staring at me like I owe them something or just simply, I'm having some dirt on my face.. Big Mole? Birthmark~? -_- I have that kinda feeling when I walk around in KL, I remember my ex-boyfriend said something like "Why are people keep staring at you, especially the girls.." but this one..whoaaahh~~ Freaky.. I got it like top to toe or when I'm walking the stare was like until I'm outta site. F*****!!

After an exhausting evening, they decided to go and meet with all their old high school friends; Jin Lan Jiao and Nic. I don't know what's the name of the cafe, but it's kinda cool. I remember seeing few gud looking girls here.. hoho~ when I say good the one that you can never find in KL. Fantastic dress up, simple make up. KL people are simple, compare to Penang. When they say make up it's always the Thick foundation to cover up acne n pimples and eye liner. -_- Boringgg~~~~~~ But the time when I was in that cafe, apparently I made a severe observations towards the difference. The guys, -_- F***** up~ The girls, they're fabulous. Even The Asshole keeps his eye moving around like hunting animals.. haha~

Stout for everyone.. Apple juice for Amanda~

Seems like it, but they're loving~

Ok~ Here's one thing, The one that has that alienated thumb.. is The Asshole... haha! 

Yea, Amanda has got nothing to do, She snaps her own handphone~ Little show off B****!! AND thanks DAD~~ I LOVE YOU!

The next day, I woke up with annoyance (Again..) when The Asshole keep on barking and spanking my ass about going out breakfast with Max's parents. I cant get up.. was extremely tired. So yea, I, rudely.. ( well that's what I think) passed the breakfast~ Bet they can't wake me up, so decided to just leave. I'm sorry.. When I finally woke up, I got this F***** up migrane that's hitting on me. This was freaking bad to have being in this state on a fine holiday. Well, that's not the only thing, I even lost one side of my contact lenses while I was bathing. What a day that is~ Then when I told The Asshole about it, he got pissed.. there goes the day~ he got pissed even when I say I'm having headaches. F*** you!!! But that was just for awhile~  At first, it wasn't all that serious that I can still enjoy the yummy Asam Laksa. Later, when we were having our time at Queensbay Mall, Omg~ I tell you, If I could just drop at the spot, I would.. I don't wanna spoil the mood so I just go with the flow since everyone is enjoying the day. In the end, I think I just couldn't take it anymore, I felt like vomiting everywhere like I just got wasted in the day, but I don't wanna do it in public.  Owh yea, I suffocate myself~ So, there she is, puking the words hoping he won't get pissed this time when she told him she can't take it anymore "Hun~ can we go back?" Well, thank god he didn't give me the "I am Pissed" face and yea, we went back. By the time we got back, I was dead on the bed..

We went out for dinner. Supposedly, to eat 'Kari Mee' but, LOL!! I can't even smell or look at it.. It gets me even worse. That was the time I wished I'd just stayed back but my cowardish attitude hold me back from doing that. The service was slow, I was dying. When everyone's done, we go back. Max's mum gave me a pain killer before I got to  nap that time. Well, it does help me though, when I woke up.. They decided for supper, I went out to have a drink. Not that I don't wanna eat, but I lost my appetite since having that headache. Later we went back to catch a glimpse of Barcelona FC loss against Hercules, little alcohol there too.. haha! Then.. SLEEP~~~

Grab Grab~ Spank in the ass.. Then she woke up~ Today is the last day of Amanda's journey in Penang. So nobody wanna waste it.. Gotta make her day to the fullest.

I think it's Komtar.. haha!
That's how it is~
Where can you find classy boom box that's got the influence through the floors?

This is how you mark the way so you won't get lost somewhere in the building~
Okay~ So, they were talking about their parents dating spot.. and here we are~

Apparently, it became an abandon dating spot~ Spooky~

This is the picture that took me awhile to figure how in the world should i rotate it, because apparently, the blog made a lot of mistakes upon uploading the data.. Stupid!! Ok~ so we cross the streets~

Max and The Asshole decided to bring me to the historical sites of Penang. Which I really enjoy it. We walked from Perangi Mall to the sites. While we're at that, we stopped by at the famous Teochew Chendul by the streets. That is one yummy~ cendol I had. Love it~

Chendul Boss~

Look how many people would die to eat this!

Next is I'm gonna show you the old roads of Penang. As you can see of course, the pictures will show you some little things you might wanna know to start a business.. Bunch of whole sellers along the road.

Just look at the classy buildings~

The old streets~

Haha! Get this everywhere~ Muslims don't wanna F*** in this state~

I find it attractive.. haha!

They say thet this is where you can find one of the most boldest and best coffee in town~ Sadly, I didn't get the chance since it's close when I'm there~
It's an interesting design you gotta give that some credits~

Yet another creative design~

Later.. Max and The Asshole showed me one of their clubbing spot during their times..
Amanda: How old were you when you start going for clubs?
The Asshole: I was 14
Max: 15-16
Amanda: I think I was 20 when I started~
The Asshole: Freakin' slow..

This is the front entrance~

Well, well... haha~ That is one hell of a classy club~ but still, to everyone's astonishments, manages to have fun~ Well, why not~

Next, would be those I snap of the historical sites I've encountered. I was hoping there would be some weird or funny stuff to snap but apparently, that would just be in my dreams as everything seems to be serious about the state's history.

Remember the picture I snap because it's interesting?? That big Arch Entrance thing?? Yea.. so this is the markings of the streets.. It's the starting of the journey actually. The Campbell Street where in the old days you can find all kinds of china prostitutes, all the way from Macau mostly.

I guess, this might be the arch of house.. Now it is turned into a some sort of a wet market~

There you go.. The historical names~

Pipe markings~

Max model~ haha!

I think this is cute~ The colours of Super Mario~
What you're about to see next in the picture is the chinese ancestorial road...

Next, all the way is complete historical sites.

Fire Fighter Mobile

Doesn't look like you're in Malaysia right...???

Malaysian Gringotts!!!

The main point is not Max~ The Clock Tower~

Ford Cornwallis since 1786 now turned into commercial historical park.


Max attempt suicidal~


Well, that's about it~ Our trip was fun and enjoying~ Although, I got sick on the first few days.. Still I managed to have fun and getting to know a little about The Asshole's Hometown.


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