Saturday, October 15, 2011

Floor Depot - Movie Treats Premier Screening , "REAL STEEL"

Last Thursday, I GOT A FREE MOVIE TREATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Courtesy by Floor Depot~ The suckie part about the day was that, I had to rush direct after work and I look like crap. Freakin' crap~ Thanks to no time to fix myself for the night. BUT, who cares right?? The movie is the one that counts. So, of course.. That's the best part of the day!!! The plan was, supposedly I go with all my colleagues and meed Jessie there~ Yes, Jessie got her treats too!!! But the plan change! A lil'~ I brought one of my colleague only (God knows the reason why I cancel the other two, you can ask him if you're curious..) and she brought one of her friend,while the last ticket, I gave to Pravin. Actually, I wanted Sandra to come, but... Sandra and her excuses is extreme, so yea... Let's just leave her out of the picture (for this one...). Okay.. Here goes..

When I finally reach The Curve, took us awhile to figure out where is Floor Depot, but.. since we wanna save time.. Pravin went and ask some optical shop where is Floor Depot's location. Voila!!! We found it.. When I entered Floor Depot, I felt like a star~~~~ LOL!!!! 

Well, that's not exactly what happened.. Here's what happen~

The collecting of my tickets and door gift~

WOW~ Why I felt like a star although I look like sh*t~

The Friendly Dude From Floor Depot~ He explained a lot I didn't know about the flooring~

So, anyone interested doing floor laminating, you can visit this shop. Please do find out about the product before you make up your mind. I use to work in a floor laminating shop before. I can say, the best part about the floor is, no pain when you fall down. HAHAHAHHA!!!! And, it's pretty and classy, safe and awesome. Easy maintenance, and guarantee save your time in the installation of the floor.

Before movie... FOOD!!! I don't remember what's the Chinese Restaurant is called~

THE MOVIE WAS GREAT!!!!!!!!!! It's a family movie.. It's good for father son to enjoy~ All in all, I'm thanking my boss for giving me this opportunity~ Awww, boss~~ You're the best. I hope there's next time~ Muahhhhh!!!!

The End

If I were to own a boxing robot... God knows what I will do with it..


BOSS said...

im not boss.. :)

IceCreamBun said...

Supp~~ Boss~~~~

ken said...

real steel was good :)

IceCreamBun said...

It's an awesome father-son movie~ :D


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