Sunday, September 8, 2013

MTV World Stage 2013

At that time, I was praying really hard that I would get invites to MTV World Stage 2013, because I'm a big fan of Robin Thicke. I was soooooo lucky, a few days before the actual event, I got a call from X partner telling me they have tickets for us to enjoy the event. I almost scream. LOL! Then I remembered, I'm still in the office slavering myself to life like the rest of the world.

The Artist Line up:

I wasn't a fan of KPOP, so.. we waited until they're done. We took our time having dinner before entering the event. By the time, Far East Movement was already going crazy on the stage.

Then came Joe Flizzoe and Robin Thicke.

I really enjoyed the event! It was a blast!!!!! Robin was great!!!!!!



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