Saturday, April 26, 2014

CLEO Bachelor Party 2014: 50 Most Eligible Bachelors 2014

DATE: 25 APRIL 2014

Image taken from Angela Low's Facebook

I was having a shitty migraine one day when a friend called and asked whether I would be interested to attend this event. So, I said okay. No harm in attending and it's been awhile since I gathered with old friends which are still friends..

Took me awhile to decide what to wear because, she said the theme is suppose to be 'STREET WEAR'. Alright!! But, I realise, I'm going to be attending a party full of people wanting to look their best because common... IT'S THIS FASHION MAGAZINE CALLED CLEO'S EVENT.. So, even though the theme is simple, I bet bunch of them ladies wants to look like a famous~! That's when I decided to wear this dress The Asshole bought for me on his birthday.

One of my friend said my reflection looks like an alien here. :D

Vanity never stop... If you think you look good, embrace that feeling!

That, is the person who gave me this opportunity, who got this opportunity from a friend of hers. Her name is Butterfly.. and a giggly one too..

Here's the Bachelor champion. Heh~~! A lil' bit disappointed but crowds decision huh?

And I got a free kiss from Bachelor, Nathan Phipps... I was.. shocked actually.. but awww... Thanks man!! It's.. like a surprise. Up until now, I do not know how exactly I should be responding. I have lost my sense of social life a long time ago since I reach this part of the country. Best said, probably because.. Everyone here hobby is to murder everyone else physically or mentally. This, until I prefer to stay at home at the safe and comfort of my bed. 

Here he is..



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