Tuesday, August 19, 2014

MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014

Venue: Sunway Surf Beach

This year's MTV World Stage was a bomb!!! The Asshole and Inoshishi, together with a bunch of others joined the party.

Artist Lineup:

I went to support my favourite artist, Yuna whom has now make it to the internationals.

B.O.B was.. exploding that night.

While we were waiting for Boys Republic to get it done.. This was our pass time. There were booths of Sailor's Jerry where you can play a game and get awesome souvenirs and temporary tattoos. This is what happened. I... made The Asshole and Inoshishi played it like a few times until i get this much.. hahahhaa!

I enjoyed the concert sooo much. Yuna was.. was fantastic! and B.O.B was making the crowd go wild! Everyone was dancing and engaging in the music! Thank you sooo so much for yet again another fun MTV WORLD STAGE!!!!!


The only down part to my mood at that time was that, there's this bitch.. who came passing by... and then decided to just hug The Asshole in front of me like I was invisible. It took me awhile to digest what's going on until I realize her few seconds hesitation at that time meant "this bitch standing next to him couldn't be his GF, so I should just embrace in a horny hug with my long time no see ex and pretend she doesn't exist". FUCK YOU BITCH! FUCK YOU and let's hope something horrible happen to you if not, or should you be in front of me again.. I'd be ready to start a lioness fight. BRACE YOURSELF IN A FIGHT WITH A DWARF!! FUCK YOU!! I publicly admit my ridiculous jealousy and you will die for making me feel even more dwarfy!! DWARFY FUCK YOU LONG TIME!



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